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None of us have been through a pandemic. On the one-year anniversary, this summit has been created to help you navigate the many aspects of your life through these challenging times.
We have Life Coaches, International Speakers, Authors, and other professionals from around the world, who have come together to guide us through these three topics:

Entrepreneurial Business Survival and Growth
Lifestyle and Self Care
Helping our Children
Modern Woman Survival Online Summit

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Let these experts help you adapt your rehab, movement, or wellness practice to the virtual world.

These online entrepreneurs, coaches, and email marketing experts from around the world are here to make it easier for you. Most importantly, they’re teaching from experience, not from theory.

They know that the right strategy or insight, properly applied, can change everything.
Moving your Movement Practice Online Summit

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"I thought I would watch a couple of interviews during the Summit, but I quickly understood that this was much more than "interesting interviews" - it was a very valuable experience for my growth and learning. I ended up listening to most of them live and purchased the lifetime access! I learned and gained insights from almost every presentation, it was very inspiring and gave me new ideas and resources to explore in my own practice."

― Francine 

Join Potential for a better you:

  • A successful online presence 
  • An understanding of your business's technology
  • Have access to Educational Products - Courses and downloads to make it easier for you to master your personal and online business


“This is truly an awesome course and I would recommend it to anyone starting up their own company. This course has given me tools and ideas that I never even considered. I would like to thank Arlene for putting such a wonderful and simplistic course together!"

― Laura Petersen - Owner of Laura's Graphic And Admin Services
“I took Arlene's course, Improve Structure Basics for your Business, because I'm interested in growing my business but felt like I had no clear path and was all over the place with my strategy. This foundational course is perfect for new business owners or business owners who are looking to scale their business and want a step by step process to follow before building that next level!"

― Michelle Bailey, Founder, MB Virtual Solutions

— Customer Review
“The information is perfect for someone just starting out in business and gives specific details on how to be successful.”

― Courtney Atwood, Founder, Virtually Simple Bliss
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